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luke's room

The brief required an additional bedroom and bathroom by extending an artisan cottage, whose plot and location presented considerable spatial constraints. The extension was realised through a contemporary structure, which complements the existing building. A timber structure was chosen to maximise internal space and to reinforce the initial concept. Access between the new and existing building necessitated the reorganisation.

The new element is set parallel to the site boundary leaving a side entrance passage. Triangular spaces result from the geometry of the new and existing structure, forming the entrance link and garden courtyard.  The building is separated from the existing house by means of 100-mm wide glass slot, providing a snippet view in anticipation of what lies behind. This slot also allows a beam of light to move across the floor, further highlighting the tentative separation of the elements.

Roof lights are positioned over the bath, bed and wardrobe allowing a view to the sky. These openings and slots create a movement of light washing the walls, instilling an awareness of the time of day and the annual cycle of the sun, a solar timepiece.

luke's room
goatstown, dublin 14, 2001
2002 riai regional awards
(selected for exhibition)