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northern exposure

This is achieved by gathering the upper floor elements of the programme into a box which is suspended between two brick forms on the ground floor containing separate elements of the ground floor programme. Materials are chosen and arranged to reflect the existing condition and to give value to the memory of that situation.

The first floor box is set back two metres from the existing rear wall in order to create a light well to reflect light deep into the centre of the building. The placement of the ground floor forms is such as to create a series of indoor and outdoor spaces between, this provides for two internal courtyards. Planes between the three boxes and the existing house are selectively filled to create further enclosure, all elements are either of glass or timber and are movable replacing the function of conventional doors while giving the opportunity to create many options of spatial layout and hierarchy, achieved by folding sliding and pivoting depending on the detailed execution of each element.

The relationship with the garden to the rear is achieved by the use of three large sliding doors which can be opened in any permutation to form “inside outside space” and by continuation of the floor finish which forms conceptual plate on which the new elements sit.

Direct light penetration to spaces is through court yards and openings in boxes consciously placed to inform the building at any given time of year.The project supports the concept of intensification and diversity of the existing suburban condition in a meaningful way. An architecture of floors, walls, ceilings, and openings articulated to place man in a conscious relationship with his natural environment.