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The project consists of the remodeling and extension to an Edwardian terraced house. The new extension is in contrast with the period dwelling. One enters the original house with all the period details intact. Descending down the stairs a series of spaces unfold. Light is brought into the center of the ground floor plan through a light shaft, which is lit by the rooflight within the newly inserted bathroom above. A requirement of the brief during the design was to insert a new room at first floor level.

The existing 12ft high room was removed with the floor level lowered and a new floor plate added. Due to the front window, a wall of milky glass was added, stepped back, allowing for borrowed light and keeping the window intact. Morning light penetrates through the rooflights from the room above, illuminating the glass wall. As the sun moves to the front in the evening, the upper room receives light through the box sash window with moving shadows of the mature tree outside. An existing extension was removed and a courtyard arrangement was created to allow inside and outside space flow freely.

The kitchen was located in the link and with the flat roof acting as a canopy protecting the kitchen surface in summer sun with rooflights located on the north side allowing the summer sun illuminate the otherwise shaded area. In winter the sun penetrates through the full height glazing to the courtyard. Doors are designed to fold against walls. The tall back block reflects the afternoon sun into the shaded courtyard with the clearstorey window giving a light shaft and borrowed light to the back rooms. Light is consistently changing throughout the house during each day and seasons.

st. alban's
south circular road, dublin 8, 2000
2000 plan expo opus building awards (highly commended)